Read our top 7 decorating ideas to make over your home in just one weekend.

A little wallpaper, poster, canvas paint or new curtains and small accents like throw pillows can make a huge difference in your room décor.

We suggest first to make an inventory of your room and reduce the all noisy elements to minimum. After this steps was taken you’ll be able to reintroduce your favorite décor elements.

1. Rug Accent

An area rug can define the look of any interior,so it makes a great piece to start building your decor.

Ivory & Grey Moroccan Diamond Rug from Shag Collection

Ivory & Grey Moroccan Diamond Rug from Shag Collection, £199.95

A new trend is to layer rugs in various colors and textures will give eclectic and bohemian vibes to your interior.

Handwoven Retro Recycled Cotton Rugs

Retro Recycled Cotton Rugs, £39.95

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

If the space allows, move the furniture away from the walls. It will create a more cozy and intimate space.

Rearrange Your furniture

3. Accent A Wall With Wallpapers

You don’t need wallpapers for all walls. Choose one and accent it with colorful wallpaper. It’s easy, fast and will make a huge difference.

Botanical Tale Floral Wall Mural

Botanical Tale Floral Wall Mural, £19.95

3D Vintage Lotus Teal Wall Mural

3D Vintage Lotus Teal Wall Mural, £15.95/ SqM

4. Paint The Walls White

To get an airy and light feel the best and easiest way is to paint them white.  You’ll need just white paint (a lot of it), brushes and lot of positive energy!

Painting walls white

5. Get Some Art For Your Wall

Make a simple white wall more appealing by adding an over-sized wall art painting.

Congruence Ficus & Peony

Congruence Ficus & Peony, £9.95

6. Add Cozy Textures

A sheepskin pillow or a sheepskin rug is an easy and fast way to warm your space.

Natural Sheepskin Cushion Pillow

Natural Sheepskin Cushion Pillow, £39.95

7. Add A Pouf

A solid textile pouf will instantly make your home more comfortable.

Pype Solid Cylinder Pouf

Pype Solid Cylinder Pouf, £39.95